Rich earthy compost for enriching gardens. Blend of crushed straw and karri bark, garden waste and animal manures. It can be used as a soil improver or as a mulch for vegetable beds, fruit trees etc. Application: 50mm.

Soil Conditioner

Designed to mix with poor soils to create a healthy soil and strong plant growth. Combines peat, fine wood shavings, Gin Gin red loam, sawdust and chicken manure. Application: 50mm dig in to depth of 150mm.

Dsatco Piggypost Bulk Bags

A blend of composted pig manure chaff and lupins. Highly attractive to worms. Each bulk bag will cover 30m2 as a soil improver.

Flower & Vege mix

A rich soil suitable for new plantings or topping up the vege garden or flower bed. Combines topsoil, Gin Gin red loam, sheep and chicken manure and peat to aid water retention. Application: to root depth.

Garden Blend

A good all-purpose soil for gardens. Application to root depth.

Lawn mix

Mix of sand and soil good for top dressing or establishing new lawns.

Cow and Pig Manure

Natural fertiliser good for enriching your soils.