Dsatco Lupin Mulch bulk bags

Water saving organic lupin mulch. High nitrogen compost adds vital soil nutrients. One bulk bag equivalent to 25 x 45 litre bags and covers an area of at least 50m2.

Karri and Peat mulch

Popular attractive 100% organic mulch that restricts weeds and aids in water retention. Premium mulch containing karri bark and screened peat. Superior black garden mulch used in herb / rose and general garden areas. Application 50 – 100 mm.


Rich earthy compost for enriching gardens. A blend of crushed straw and karri bark, garden waste and animal manures. Can be used as soil improver or as mulch for vegetable beds, fruit trees etc. Application: 50mm

Black Mulch

Popular all-purpose mulch ideal for all garden applications. Contains crushed pine slithers, crushed composite tree waste and screened peat to create an easy to spread mulch. Application: 50 – 100 mm.

Enviro Mulch

A blend of crushed tree waste and tree pruning’s. Brown garden mulch with an open texture, popular in native garden on road verges and council areas. Application: 50 – 100mm.